Arctic handicrafts: Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames and beautiful kitchen slats, handmade in Longyearbyen


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Spitsbergen kitchen slat made in Longyearbyen

The Spitsbergen kitchen slats are handmade in the workshop of master carpenter Wolfgang Zach in Longyearbyen. Their design is inspired by arctic wildlife: polar bear, bearded seal, walrus whale,...

Price €28.57
Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame 2020
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Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame 2020

The new Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames are here! We have now got this year's collection of 5 beautiful picture frames, handmade in Longyearbyen from real driftwood found on Spitsbergen’s...
Price €142.24

Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame

The new Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames have arrived in December 2018! After a long trip from Longyearbyen to Franeker in the Netherlands on board the good sailing ship...
Price €158.40