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Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame
  • New

Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame

The new Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames have arrived in December 2018! After a long trip from Longyearbyen to Franeker in the Netherlands on board the good sailing ship...
Price €158.40
Spitsbergen kitchen slat from Longyearbyen: walrus
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Spitsbergen kitchen slat made in Longyearbyen

The Spitsbergen kitchen slats are handmade in the workshop of master carpenter Wolfgang Zach in Longyearbyen. Their design is inspired by arctic wildlife: polar bear, bearded seal, walrus whale,...

Price €28.57

Limited edition postcard set Antarctica

12 postcards which come in a beautifully designed tray. Beautiful images from South Georgia across Antarctica from the Antarctic Peninsula to the Ross Sea and up to Macquarie Island and Campbell Island. Wildlife -...

Price €8.40

Grönland - Ein kleiner Pflanzenführer

Greenland - a plant guide. Available only in German. Please visit our German online shop (change language at the top of the page) for further details.

Language: German

Price €22.43

Spitsbergen-calendar 2019

Wall-calender, two sizes available: large (A3) or small (A5). Cover + 12 pages + overview/imprint, printed 4-color throughout. Spiral binding.
The spelling of the months and the tiny little bits of text...
From Price €12.61

Die Nebel der Zeit von James McQuilken

This is the German version of "The Mists of Time": the life of Cymba, the Wandering Albatross from South Georgia as told by James McQuilken. Please visit the

Language: German

Price €22.43