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Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame

The new Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames have arrived in December 2018! After a long trip from Longyearbyen to Franeker in the Netherlands on board the good sailing ship...
Price NOK1,584.03

Spitsbergen kitchen slat made in Longyearbyen

The Spitsbergen kitchen slats are handmade in the workshop of master carpenter Wolfgang Zach in Longyearbyen. Their design is inspired by arctic wildlife: polar bear, bearded seal, walrus whale,...

Price NOK285.72

Limited edition postcard set Antarctica

12 postcards which come in a beautifully designed tray. Beautiful images from South Georgia across Antarctica from the Antarctic Peninsula to the Ross Sea and up to Macquarie Island and Campbell Island. Wildlife -...

Price NOK84.03
Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame 2019
  • New

Spitsbergen driftwood picture frame 2019

The new Spitsbergen driftwood picture frames have finally arrived in December 2019! After a long trip from Longyearbyen, we finally received 9 beautiful picture frames, handmade in...
Price NOK1,379.10

Grönland - Ein kleiner Pflanzenführer

Greenland - a plant guide. Available only in German. Please visit our German online shop (change language at the top of the page) for further details.

Language: German

Price NOK224.30

Die Nebel der Zeit von James McQuilken

This is the German version of "The Mists of Time": the life of Cymba, the Wandering Albatross from South Georgia as told by James McQuilken. Please visit the

Language: German

Price NOK224.30