• Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge
  • Polar bears on the edge

Polar bears on the edge

Heading for Extinction while Management fails

by Morten Jørgensen

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Polar bears
 are threatened from many sides. Most people think that the only really big problem they face are the effects of climate change. This myth is being perpetuated by almost all the persons and institutions who have a say in polar bear matters. In the meantime, however, a completely unsustainable and anachronistic hunting regime is being allowed to continue.

One thousand polar bears are shot every year.

Most of this hunt is legal and a convergence of interests leads to this being condoned by the majority of the polar bear nations, Inuit leaders, elite scientists, polar bear managers, and our largest conservation NGOs: those supposedly responsible for keeping polar bears safe in the face of climate change and an uncertain future. The precautionary principle is not applied to polar bear management, and there is no arms-length principle between hunters, managers, scientists and politicians. Conservation efforts are symbolic at best and totally insufficient. The community of stakeholders is covering up the facts, disguising the numbers, manipulating the picture, in order to safeguard commercial interests rather than polar bears.

Polar bears are indeed facing extinction. But it is not because of global warming alone – it is because while global warming continues, we are allowing them to be shot.

„In this impassioned book Morten raises very important, provocative questions that are not being addressed by the international environmental groups. Questions we must pay attention to lest the legacy of our generation be one of being forewarned without acting in the face of species extinction.“

Art Wolfe, Award-winning conservation photographer

“This book explores the minefields between the many lobby groups, from Inuit hunters to conservation institutions to governments, and it explores the failures to adhere to international agreements and conventions. This book is an eye-opener and should kick off extensive debates.“

Dr. Thor S. Larsen, professor emeritus, member of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group 1968-85

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