• East Greenland in Winter
  • East Greenland in Winter
  • East Greenland in Winter
  • East Greenland in Winter

East Greenland in Winter

On Skis Through Liverpool Land

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Join an exciting journey with dog, skis and tent through the wintery wastes of East Greenland! We were five guys and a dog when we started in Ittoqqortoormiit, the northernmost one of two settlements on Greenland’s east coast. Ittoqqortoormiit is in the entrance of Scoresbysund, one of the world’s biggest fjords.

With a lot of equipment and good spirits, we took off from the village and went north. When we were finally ready, that is. Knowing that we would have far too much luggage for the flight, we had sent some stuff from home beforehand. And at the post office in Ittoqqortoormiit, they told as that it was probably “somewhere between Iceland and Greenland”. Well, then …

We went north following a wild, mountaineous landscape next to a frozen sea. This is Liverpool Land. The guy who had first seen and mapped it, William Scoresby (two of them actually, father and son), came on a ship called the Liverpool, that’s why. Anyway, it is an amazing place. In the first days, we could still use some hunting cabins, then we were really on our own. Hoping for a brewery in Carlsberg Fjord (there is a Danish beer called Carlsberg), we went there with high hopes, but disappointment did not know limits when there was no beer anywhere to be had. The next was probably in Mesters Vig, further north in the National Park, but as we didn’t have a permit, we decided not to enter this heaven-like area. Instead, we enjoyed ourselves for a while in Canning Land, just on the edge of the National Park which is the largest in the world, before we went south again.

All the small incidents and big impressions, the little tours up to small mountains, the endless ice and snow, the idea of moving through this amazing landscape slowly on your own power, that is the salt in the soup of a trip like this. Oh yes, and then there was the dog …

Paperback (A5), 179 pages including a lot of b/w and a number of colour photos as well as several maps. Technically, this book is visibly one of my earlier publications, but it is good fun!

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