• Norwegens arktischer Norden (1): Aerial Arctic

Norwegens arktischer Norden (1): Aerial Arctic

Lofoten, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen from the air

Photobook: Norway's arctic islands. The text in this book is German, but there is very little text, so I am sure that you will enjoy it regardless which languages you read (or not).

Language: German

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This book mainly contains photos. The little bits and pieces of text of the book are in German, but the photo pages (134 out of 137 pages) don’t have any text other than placenames.

This book is an aerial photo journey through the landscapes of arctic Norway: Lofoten, Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen (Svalbard).

Flying and seeing the Earth through a bird’s eye have been a dream of mankind for ages. Today’s technology allows us to enjoy the view from the sky without actually taking off ourselves.

Over years, Rolf Stange has made use of the opportunity to capture the beauty of arctic landscapes also in some remote and pretty hard-to-get-to places from above. In this photo book, he publishes a selection of his aerial photography from his presentation “Arctic Norway” for the first time in printing. 

“Norwegens arktischer Norden (2): Aerial Arctic” is a photo book. The emphasis is clearly on the aerial photographs from remote corners of the Arctic: Jan Mayen and Svalbard. The book does not have any text beyond a few introductory lines, as to not distract the reader from enjoying beauty of the photography (for background information about Spitsbergen, please refer to my guidebook “Spitsbergen-Svalbard”, it is all written in there. If you read German, then there is also my Jan Mayen book to provide comprehensive background information about that fascinating island).

The images speak for themselves, as they deliver the stunning aesthetical values and impressive structures of arctic landscapes from the air, be it lava fields, volcanic craters and rugged coastlines on Jan Mayen, crevassed glaciers and rocky shores or rolling beaches in Spitsbergen. It was a special pleasure for me to focus on remote parts of Svalbard with my aerial photography and to include them in this book – rarely seen parts of Svalbard are the focus. This includes Rossøya (Svalbard’s northernmost islet), the barren coasts of Nordaustland, Storøya, Kvitøya, Bråsvelbreen … well, just have a look!

As the name “Norwegens arktischer Norden (2): Aerial Arctic” suggests, this is the second part of a little series of two photo books in which I will present the photographic essence of my presentation “Norwegens arktischer Norden”. The first part does not exist at the time being, that will come later. I was really looking forward to this second part with the aerial photography. And of course there is my Spitsbergen photobook Cold Beauty!

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